Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Have you been trying to develop new methods to improve the high-quality lifestyles for you and your family during family vacations? A swimming pool will give you relaxation, peace and serenity, infinite amusement, and beauty and could create a lifetime of memories you couldn’t get from someone different. What does a swimming pool mean to you? Well, staying in a hotel with a magnificent swimming pool is a lot more than you ever thought it could be. That’s why all over the world, the hotel & resorts are paying more attention toward their swimming pools.

We are the hotel with a swimming pool in Ambala providing you the subsequent selection of pool points of interest in our swimming pool. These are;

  • Countercurrents
  • Waterfalls
  • Geysers
  • Loungers
  • Hydro-massage

In our world-class hotel, we offer pools of actual charm. Water sights make pools tons more appealing for both children and adults. Swimming here will now be the simplest to improve your health, however, will also make your entertainment time more energetic, amusing, and thrilling.

Countercurrent for swimming pools

Countercurrent creates ideal situations in swimming and entertaining the complete family for the duration of entertainment time. A countercurrent is a synthetic contemporary system or artificial river. The strength of the modern-day is adjustable and we are using it very nicely.


Waterfalls are a decorative detail especially designed in our swimming pool and a purposeful device that is useful for you. The noise of falling water from the walls of the pool, its current and splashes, and the fashionable shapes of the waterfall beautify the healthful ecosystem of the pool.

The night scene

The lighting designed in our swimming pool is a value addition for the guests. Laser, hydraulic and highlighter lighting concepts are main attractions during the stay of guests. The pool scene during the weeknight parties is unmatchable. The sync of DJ+lighting gives you heavenly feelings and that is the main USP of our resort.


Swimming pool geyser is an underwater tool. Its miles are installed on the bottom of the pool basin and emit air bubbles developing an effective geyser emission effect upon the water surface. Kids love messing around within the bobbling whirlpool. After swimming in the geyser currents, a person feels liveliness, pleasure of lifestyles. 


At the same time as resting quite simply at the lounge you get jets of water and air bubbles flowing round your legs and arms. This has in particular a healthy effect on you again. Muscle tissues relax, strain reduces. Intervertebral discs stretch in semi-gravity, which tones it and contributes to fitness development.


The hotel with swimming pool in Ambala provide hydro-massage jets that allow turning a part of your swimming pool into a SPA hotel. Hydro-massage strengthens your body, tones you up, and soothes your nervous system. Your sleep will improve obviously after this type of technique.