Outdoor Venue

Outdoor Venue

Red Hut Resort- A perfect venue for outdoor wedding

The view is breathtaking. The skies are blue, vivid spring colours abound, and there is a garden-style setting outdoors, complete with lounge cabanas, floral displays, outdoor mocktail counters, rustic photo booths and a splendid romantic flowing summer breeze.

A venue like this would be the perfect place to say ‘I do’ during the beautiful Indian summer!

 SO, how are you planning your dream wedding? 

Choosing the right venue is crucial for an enjoyable day and the right amenities.

Indian weddings can be super intense. However, there’s no need to fret. Among the luxurious amenities that the Red Huts resort has to offer is an onsite marriage hall in Ambala.

Indian Weddings are extremely weather-dependent, especially if they are held outside. Choosing an exotic lawn at the edge of a major city is a great idea. In addition to providing guests with cool outdoor spaces with cabanas or canopies, Red Hut Resort elevates the atmosphere of the wedding with both a great look and feel.

Getting married in summer means you get to be outdoors in the ceremonies. Hot weather doesn’t always mean that it’s too hot to host an outdoor ceremony. If your wedding takes place in a garden, you have plenty of seating, lighting, and decoration options. As long as you’ve chosen a time when the sun isn’t directly overhead, then there will be pockets of shades.

outdoor venue in Ambala
best outdoor venue in Ambala

If you’re taking advantage of lovely weather and tying the knot in open or serving your favourite seasonal treats (think ice cream or sliced watermelon), you already understand what the hottest months have to offer.

Red huts resort is a great venue to beat the heat, avoid summertime pests, and avoid other summertime nuisances from your wedding enjoyment. Its stunning summer decor is essential, but there’s one more thing to keep in mind; visitors’ comfort.

We have everything from aesthetic décor suggestions to efficient bits of advice. So, before you plan your summer wedding, visit us. Your wedding celebrations will seem like they are happening on a summer vacation when you are armed with all your inspiration.

To combat the harsh weather, couples can also organize sundowner weddings! This also gives a romantic and breezy meadows-like touch to the ceremony. Plus, imagine some boho decor and fairy lights creating a fairy-tale like ambience during sunset.

For an elegant and intimate ceremony or an extravagant function. Red hut Resorts offers charming backdrops that can range from the uber-luxurious to an intimate boutique setting. Located at a convenient distance for most of your local guests and conventionally spread over a large area, parking space is not the thing people will worry about.

While Creating a vibrant ambience is our primary motive, Red hut resort is the epitome of perfect scene for your fantasy wedding destination. In the midst of beautiful, manicured gardens and stunning yards, the entire venue is exclusively available for your special day.

The menu of your function can create wonders for your event or break it completely. So you need to research the type of food and drinks that will suit the weather. Red hut resort, with its Open Catering, provides an open hand to the hosts making the event memorable for all the guests. You can enjoy exquisite global cuisines at their restaurants to have a fulfilling wedding.

A pool party is a fabulous way to start weddings party. Guests will enjoy endless fun and pleasure at these events, which make for memorable celebrations. The serene blue pool adds class to a party, while water activities such as swimming and other water sports add to the pleasure. And the most pleasing thing about these parties is that there’s no shortage of Wedding Pool party ideas.

Weddings at outdoor venues top the list of our favourite things. How could they not? The breathtaking scenery, blended with a relaxed aura, offers more pleasure than indoor weddings trapped inside walls. Simple decorations in a vibrant summer colour scheme or intriguing fall colours turn outdoor venues into modest yet truly enchanting spaces for special celebrations.

Embraced by an abundance of choices, be assured your summer wedding is going to be a heavenly saga only at the best outdoor venue in Ambala Red Hut Resort.