Pool Side Party

Pool Side Party

Raise the glamour and merriment factor of any celebration by having a pool side party which is full of laughter and joy. Red huts Resort is the most happening place for pool side party in and around Ambala. Organize kitty parties, Diwali and Holi celebrations, birthday, engagement and anniversary parties in the most exotic pool side ambiance. Custom decor settings would be provided from the wizards of decoration. Selection of party concept is only a matter of minutes where you can play with the theme, decor, menu, games and much more. Let the kids enjoy water games during the birthday parties with balloons and confetti in the pool. Exchange rings with the most magical background of floating candles and hanging lanterns. Make kitties more happening by hopping in the pool for some fun games and rewards. You can even plan the most romantic proposal or private dinner date with your special one by the pool in the best hotel in Ambala. We make execution of your idea of pool side party a child’s play. With our state of the art provisions, you are bound to have a delightful and joyful time with your friends and family which is deficient of stress and hassle.

The Ultimate DJ Night

The Ultimate DJ Night

Dance to the tunes of your favorite songs before entering into the new phase of your life. Mark the inception of your wedding festivities in the most happening place of Ambala. The place is perfect for grooving and making memories of the most fun and magical night before your D-day. The spacious halls are perfect for separate stage setups and DJ floors where you can give special performances for your friend and family. You can include the lawns during the festivities as per your gathering. The location is suitable and easily reachable by all the guests in Ambala region. Perfect lighting, decor, space, theme and ambiance is going to give you personalized and intimate vibes as per your penchant. You can organize dance off competition, DJ games and give beautiful rewards to your guests. Dance till wee hours without any restriction of time limit at night on music. The red huts resort in Ambala is a perfect venue for indoor and outdoor pre-wedding functions with impeccable decor. Our resort has deluxe, royal and luxury rooms along with our family suite where your guests can stay and enjoy the wedding traditions and functions. Let the party begin in the most happening manner!

Pros and cons of outdoor weddings!

Pros and cons of outdoor weddings!

Pros and cons of outdoor weddings!

Weddings should be fun and full of life. To ensure that one need to take care of a lot of factors. When it comes to weddings there are infinite ideas which come to a person’s mind. One of the most important tasks which must be accomplished well in time is the wedding venue selection. Venues are selected as per the suitable location and number of guests. Red huts resort is the best venue for outdoor wedding in and around Ambala. If you are planning a outdoor wedding then there are things which you must know about. You need to meticulously select the venue especially in case of outdoor weddings and celebrations.


There is room for expansion in case of outdoor weddings. You can play a lot with the space in terms of decor and settings. Unlike hall weddings you can increase the covered space in case of any last minute changes. This is practically impossible in case of indoor weddings. If you have a day wedding then planning an outdoor celebration can help you save a lot on the lighting expenses. The bright sunlight is going to make your wedding festivities brighter by keeping it lighter on the pocket. The wedding photographs would also come clearer and immaculate. The chances of execution of your gigantic plans increase in case of outdoor weddings. You can set up game booths, photo booths and other fun activity area. Take your wedding fun game to the next level by planning an amazing outdoor wedding in the best resort in Ambala. While we have discussed about the pros of outdoor weddings, it is important to throw light on the cons of the same. Like every coin has two sides, the cons are also to be considered thoroughly before finalizing the venues.


You are vulnerable to the antics of Mother Nature. Checking weather forecast in advance can be a smart move but you can never fully predict the weather. A sudden rain shower or excessive cold during winter weddings can mar the whole setup and decor of the wedding venue. In extreme weather conditions, guests find outdoor weddings unsuitable. In summers, it can become very difficult to bear the brunt of sun in outdoor weddings and in case of winter weddings the freezing breeze can be very uncomforting and impossible to bear. Red huts resorts provide you options for both indoor and outdoor weddings thus being the best hotel in Ambala.

Room booking in the Ambala | business and conference meeting

Room booking in the Ambala | business and conference meeting

Business meetings can be stressful and must be executed in a professional and organized manner.

At red huts resort, we provide you with high-quality amenities and technical assistance for a well-executed and glitch-free conference. You can organize sessions and meetings in our conference hall
which can easily accommodate a gathering of up to 90 people. We offer a projector with a wide range in a perfectly lit room where conferences are held in the most appropriate manner.

Wireless microphone, custom sitting arrangement and relishing refreshment is provided at our resort. We assure stress-free services to help you concentrate on your work in a focused manner.
We offer the most convenient and affordable room booking in Ambala for personal and professional trips.

The peaceful environment and ambiance are perfect to brainstorm for the business and service ideas. If you are on a field trip in and around Ambala then avail our offers on room booking in Ambala.
Red huts resort is acclaimed to be the most comfortable and reposeful place to stay in Ambala. The ambiance is surely going to refresh your mind and soul!

How to plan an ultimate resort wedding?

How to plan an ultimate resort wedding?

Wedding planning is a tricky thing and there is no scope of mistake as it is a once in a lifetime event for someone. However, you can never go wrong with a resort wedding. The stay, the pre-wedding festivities, and the wedding rituals are all executed in one place. Choosing the resort is the first and foremost thing to do. If you are looking for resorts in and around Ambala then Red huts resort offers you meticulous and top-notch services. The deals are pretty affordable and you are allowed to enjoy many complementary amenities and services.

The resort offers you lush green lawns which are expansive. You can plan various wedding festivities at different locations of the resort. Decide on the number of functions that you want to have and then theme them accordingly. You can kick start the celebrations with a poolside Mehendi function having a floral decor. Floral confetti can be used to play games along with a dance off by the pool in a traditional way. Poolside floral swings and other alluring decor pieces would result in the most picturesque background. Other significant but shorter ceremonies can be executed in lawns or in small halls. The Sangeet or DJ night can be planned indoors where beautiful performances of friends and family can be enjoyed. You can fill in one corner of the place with personalized props for photography and the other corner with party favors for the guests.

Resort weddings give you an opportunity to check on the wedding preparations yourself. You can ensure perfection in every minute detail of your wedding preparations. You can choose themes of all the functions and enjoy so many flavors of life to make your wedding an unforgettable affair for all. For the D-day, you can have the whole stage and sitting setup with outdoor stalls for snacks and drinks. Use the hall for dinner in the form of different types of cuisines and desserts. The chances are pretty high that the guests are going to love the organized setup with allotted space for everything. The entrance decor can have lights, candles, flowers, and other decor items. Red huts resort is the best wedding venue in Ambala which is meticulously designed to fulfill all your requirements for an amazing and unforgettable resort wedding.

What Do Guests Think About luxury Hotel Rooms In Ambala?

What Do Guests Think About luxury Hotel Rooms In Ambala?

Tourism excellence and luxurious Accommodation are two peas in a pod. You can’t explore the most beautiful places without considering where to stay. Red Huts Resort is known for its luxury and hospitality. Each resort’s facilities have been designed considering its exquisite design and comfort. Whether it is about its swimming pool or its greenery, be it its

ambience or hospitality. Its clients like Red Huts because it is constantly changing, keeping in mind the convenience of the clients.

If we talk about a great sleep after a long day’s exhaustion, then we tell how the luxury rooms of Red Huts Resort provide you with a beautiful rest, but you get every comfort in the rooms here, due to which Red Huts Resort is well known for. The rooms here provide an exclusive atmosphere, as well as sophisticated and one-of-a-kind luxury furnishings and amenities.

Our impressive bedrooms break boundaries when it comes to elegance. Offers creations like Super Luxurious Interiors to its clients. Here we tell you all the features of our luxury room, which make us different from other resorts. Our bedrooms are different, full of personality

and presence. Equipped with beautiful luxury furniture, our luxury bedrooms are exceptional and highly appreciated by our customers or known as Luxury rooms in Ambala

Detailing By Hand

Luxury bedrooms are unique creations; no two should be the same. We also accept this fact. Hand-added details ensure that – the hand-drawn shapes on each part of our luxury room captivate everyone. Be it the bed, the bedside table, the chest of drawers or the wardrobe. Our luxury rooms have every arrangement to give you unforgettable comfort.


Our luxury bedrooms are known for having great space. We have a little more space available than the ordinary luxury room, which we have used very efficiently for the facilities. They boast large beds, and the wardrobes are of such dimensions that everything fits comfortably inside. As we have mentioned, none of our rooms matches other rooms, so be ready to feel something new in every corner here.

Colourful Aura

We have another speciality, our love for colours and making the best use of colours. We know the role colours play in our lives. Colours reveal our class, our lifestyle, our likes and dislikes. We have tried to present the best mix-up of colours in such a beauty that the monotony remains unnoticed. Our colour details adorn our luxury furniture. It imparts an air of exclusivity, this rich colour reminding us that we are not in an ordinary bedroom.

Luxurious Wardrobe

We have demonstrated how to utilise the space in our luxury rooms very well. Our bedroom wardrobes have been made unique in such a way that their space can also be used well, and the surrounding area can also be put to good use. We have added luxury walk-in wardrobes to our rooms. This gives the option of allowing more space for clothing and accessories. Similarly, we have provided a luxury look to the wardrobe space and enhanced its ambience.

Luxurious Accessories

We have given a unique look to each of our rooms. Each room has a different taste, and keeping this in mind; we have tried to provide a different look for the accessories of each of our rooms. Every single accessory our rooms are exclusive apart from matching each other. All the items are carefully selected and crafted. Personally defined rooms and luxury accessories have been specially designed to make your vacation more colourful with luxury.

Comfy Furniture

If we talk about our rooms, we have taken complete care that you do not have to face any problems here. All the furniture in the room has been used to the best of the shape of every part and the ease in the edges. We just tried to give you a sneak peek of run-of-the-mill furniture. The shapes and sides, the chest of drawers that we see on the beds of our rooms are all different in themselves.


The speciality of a luxury room should be that you get all the facilities you often feel while living in a room. Especially in the rooms of a luxury resort, you get a pleasant experience along with luxury. We endeavour to take care of the likes and dislikes of our guests and customers and provide them with convenient services in sync with the market trends.